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Board Breaking

So at our school now we alternate months for board breaking between Intermediates and Advanced.  This gives our students more of a chance to board break.  Board Breaking is an important part of martial arts.  It represents for us so many things.  Board breaking shows proper technique, power, accuracy, speed, and control.  It is also a mind over matter part of the martial arts.  We tell our students all the time that if they think they can't do something, they can't.  

Last night one of our black belt candidates who will be going through our black belt testing soon has had a very strong block in his mind on board breaking.  Mind you, he has broken many times before but for some reason lately, his mind was completely stopping his body from even throwing the kick to break.  He is now a higher ranking black belt and has to break 2 boards with his hand and 2 with his foot.  Just so that you understand, we break boards that are 3/4 inch thick.  As I said though, he has broken before.  

With the help of 3 different instructors and students who, as one said, "this is important that we are helping him", he was finally able to break last night.  Needless to say, he was a very happy student that he finally broke through his mental block and broke the wood. We were all so happy to see his happiness on being able to do this!

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