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    School has either started or is right around the corner! Everyone is working on new ways of doing things! Change can be so hard for most but learning that life and each day may not go exactly how we plan, can really help with making your day go as smoothly as you can. Try to just do your best and go with the flow everyday! ....

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  • Summer is almost over!

    I can't believe it but summer is almost over! With everything being so different, I'm still surprised at how quickly the summer went. We have most of our students back in for in-person classes but still have some of our students doing online zoom classes. School is starting in about 2-3 weeks and now that is going to look completely different than what we are used to. Virtual for the start and then at some point, hybrid. The world we know has changed so much! ....

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  • Update


    We are now almost to the end of July! The summer really does feel like it is flying by! We are having classes in the school with social distancing and sanitizing and it is wonderful to see so many students back in regular classes! We are still doing the online zoom classes for the ones who aren't ready to come back in yet. Everything is going very well! We are so proud of our students and how well they are picking everything up whether they are in class or on zoom! ....

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  • Article Written By Charlene Roth

    Boost Skills and More with a Frugal Practice Space
    Did your child’s martial arts practice come to a screeching halt when shelter-in-place orders commenced? All too often, enthusiasts don’t have a good place to practice outside of a professional studio. While there is no substitute for sessions with your instructor, a safe place at home to practice ensures skills stay sharp. On top of that, it’s a great way to boost quality of life for the whole family. We’ve put together some great resources explaining the ins and outs and the hows and whys of setting up your very own in-home martial arts studio. The Bigger Picture
    An in-home martial arts ....

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    We are so EXCITED to be reopening today after all this time! As I have said over and over, our students have done amazing with the online but we are all ready to get back in to the studio and start working out in person! We have all the guidelines and safety measures that are required and even have gone above and added in some of our own. We are doing everything we can to keep our families, students and ourselves safe! It may be a work in progress for a few days to see how everything goes in classes but we think it will be just fine! ....

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  • Handing out Belts

    Handing out Belts

    So for two days, three of us went to various students houses to bring them their belts from the last graduation that we had. It had to be a virtual graduation and, with the lockdown at the time, we weren't able to get the new belts! It was so fantastic to go to all of their houses and socially distance with giving them their new belts! We miss them all so much and being able to do that was a lot of fun! ....

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  • 30 day challenges

    As I have said before, our students are really making this online curriculum work. They are doing their online videos, they are coming on to our live zoom classes, they are practicing and posting their videos on our Facebook Members Only page! It's very exciting to see how hard they work. We also are doing 30-day challenges and they are doing a great job with them (maybe a little whining if the have to do a lot of planks)! Overall though, they are doing an amazing job!! ....

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  • 4/16/20

    Well here we are, April 16th and we are still doing online classes. We have pre-recorded classes and are doing zoom live classes. All of our students are really doing well. At this point, everyone is getting what they need and are on track for our next graduation scheduled for July. We are still hoping to be back in the school soon, we really miss seeing everyone in person but, as I said, everyone is keeping on track with their training. Hoping this ends real soon ... ....

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  • First Ever Facebook Live Graduation

    So with the way the world is right now, today at 6:00 we are having our First Ever Facebook Live Graduation on our Members Only page. I never thought we would have had to do this but I can say, how proud we are of our students. They all worked really hard through the online videos and have done fantastic during this time! Excited for today! ....

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  • Online Classes

    Hi, everyone! So last week due to the coronavirus, we offiically transitioned over to online classes! Our students are able to get everything they need this way and I have to say, AGAIN, we couldn't be prouder of them. We see on our Members' Only Facebook page posts of them practicing and working out! We see have they have stepped up to the challenge and are killing it! They are doing an awesome job! More to come regarding online next in a few days! Thanks! ....

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