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  • First Ever Facebook Live Graduation

    So with the way the world is right now, today at 6:00 we are having our First Ever Facebook Live Graduation on our Members Only page. I never thought we would have had to do this but I can say, how proud we are of our students. They all worked really hard through the online videos and have done fantastic during this time! Excited for today! ....

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  • Online Classes

    Hi, everyone! So last week due to the coronavirus, we offiically transitioned over to online classes! Our students are able to get everything they need this way and I have to say, AGAIN, we couldn't be prouder of them. We see on our Members' Only Facebook page posts of them practicing and working out! We see have they have stepped up to the challenge and are killing it! They are doing an awesome job! More to come regarding online next in a few days! Thanks! ....

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  • Most Recent Schedule for Classes

    For anyone who is interested, this is what we are recently doing for our classes! Along with extra cleaning and precautions! Hi, everyone! I'm sorry for the late email. This has been a crazy weekend trying to figure out what we are doing for the upcoming weeks. We are unable to have the day camps as we thought we could but will add more class times during the day to hopefully lighten the sizes of all the classes. We will also do our best in keeping students away from each other while we work on our curriculum. We will do nothing that involves contact and are rethinking sparring right now. Starting Monday 3/16, we will have classes for all ranks at the times of: 10:30, 11:30, 1:30, ....

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  • Cancer Fundraiser

    Cancer Fundraiser

    Frank Family Karate’s Board Breaking fundraiser for one of our own and Cancer, went great on Saturday 3/7/2020! We want to thank everyone who donated and participated! We had so much fun! JoJo Bean cookies had extra cookies that sold out quickly! Special thanks to Mr. Lloyd, Mr. Vu, Kayla, PJ andJustin who helped hold along with our son Christopher. Thanks to Megann who helped keep track of the boards. Thanks to Mrs. Stoddard who took pictures along with all the other parents who took pictures. A special thanks to Emmerson and her mom from JoJo Bean Cookies who made the delicious cookies and raised 301 dollars. Again, thank you everyone! ....

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  • Board Breaking Fundraiser

    Since we have opened Frank Family Karate, the families that come into our school, have always been part of our family, and when one of our karate families is down and in need of some help, we are right there to help them. On March 7 th , 2020 we will be helping the Cheney family by raising money for breast cancer awareness and to give the family support through this process. The Board Breaking event is going to be on 3/7/2020 at 12pm. It is a FREE event with light refreshments and water. The only thing you have to pay for is the boards if you would like to break. All must RSVP by 3/2/2020 just so that we have a headcount on how many people will be there and how many boards you ....

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  • Half way through Curriculum

    So we are excited, we are about halfway through the curriculum we are working on for the next belt rank graduations and our students are doing very well! Pretty much everyone is where they should be for the next graduation in April. We are very proud of our students! Keep up the great work! ....

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  • Our New Mascot

    Our New Mascot

    So our students have been asking for some time now about a Mascot for our school. We are going on our 11th year and on 1/27 we introduced our new Mascot ... Titian Wolf! Titian was born on June 16 th , 1945 in Alaska. When he was three, Titian and his family moved to Korea where he began learning Martial Arts. His father decided that it would be best for him to learn Tae Kwon Do where Titian flourished and made it his life. He received his first degree when he was 10 and after that decided that he would continue his path to receive as many black belts as he could. Titian came back to the US after receiving his 9 th degree black belt and stumbled upon Frank Family Karate where he ....

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  • Black Belt Graduation on 1/18

    Our Black Belt Graduation on 1/18 was a great success! The 21 candidates that were graduating did a great job preparing for the graduation. We had 2 different students do a form that they prepared to music and 3 other skits. The forms were excellent and the skits were very funny! The one skit even had a commercial break! We were very surprised to see how funny our students could be, especially some of our Dads! Many families and friends were there to watch and everyone seemed to really enjoy the Graduation! If you would like to see the skits that our students did at the Graduation, go on to our Frank Family Karate Facebook page. ....

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  • Black Belt Graduation Coming up

    I have to tell everyone how excited we are! We have a Black Belt Graduation coming up and the kids are doing amazing! With our graduations, they have to do an opening demonstration and then either make up their own forms or do skits. Skits are being planned and they are very good! Their opening demonstration is going very well also especially since it's been so hard to get everyone in together at the same time to practice! They are looking very good and we are very excited to see the Graduation! I'll let everyone know how it goes once the graduation is over! ....

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    Happy New Year Everyone!! This Holiday season was a lot of fun and I'm sad to see it go. We went to some places and did some activities that we had never done before and they were a lot of fun! We are starting the 2020 year with a belt rank graduation on the 4th. I'm very excited as so many of our students did so well in their final testing! We are definitely looking forward to everyone moving to their new belt ranks and continue getting even better in their martial arts training! ....

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