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  • Article

    We recently had an article written for us. We hope you enjoy it! Thanks! Practice Healthy Habits With Your Children You want your children to know how to make healthy choices in all areas of their lives, starting when they are little. Teach by example to help your children grow into happy, healthy adults. According to research, young people learn bywatchingwhat you do. Your children are likely to pick up your habits without even realizing it. When you think about your choices, you model the behaviors you want for your little ones. Purchase and Eat Healthy Snacks Children of all ages (and adults, too!) tend to eat foods that are easy to get. Each week, make a ....

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  • Summer Camps

    Today is our last Day of Summer Camp!! Camps went well and the campers had a great time!! We received so much good feedback on how much the campers enjoyed camps. Most of the campers came back for more weeks than the originally planned for. We are sorry to see summer go! ....

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    It's been a busy summer but fairly good! Things are starting to feel more normal again and we are hoping they stay that way. This summer was a little harder for us though as we have 4 of our girls who have been with us since they were around 7 years old leaving for college! The good news is that only one of the 4 is over 3 hours away! She still promises to come and visit and actually wants to continue training on her off times! The only reason it wasn't harder is that I know we will see them, just not weekly! They are like family to us!! ....

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  • Wall of Records

    So in our school to become a black belt you are expected to be able to do push ups and sit ups. In order to help our students to be as prepared as we can for black belt testings, we do a Wall of Records. The students have one minute to do as many push ups as they can with their chins touching a fist or due to the pandemic, a cleaned hand target. Then we do as many full sit ups in a minute. We also do pull ups on the bar or hand targets for the students who can't do pull ups yet. We do this every other month. We have 3 age groups - 3-8, 9-14 and 15-adult. The highest person in each age group gets a $5.00 gift card, 2nd and 3rd place each get a ninja coin. We put the top 6 on a board on the ....

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  • Excited!

    We are excited to see that things are starting to open up slowly! We are now, starting the 12th, allowed to go to 16 students in a class! We are very excited for that!!! Can't wait until more and more starts to reopen! ....

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  • Just Checking in

    Just checking in to say Hi! Hope all are doing well and staying as positive as they can in these times. We are moving along! Stay safe and try to enjoy each day! ....

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  • Closer to Back to Normal

    We are so hoping that since kids went back to school for hybrid and people are starting to get the vaccine, everyone will be able to start getting closer to normal. Right now we are only allowed to have 10 spots in each class per the Governor. We are hoping as things start to open up more, we can get more spots and continue to get more spots. Would love to see students without masks on soon, can't remember what some of them even look like under there!! ....

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  • Last Blog for 2020

    This has been a rough year for everyone! With the pandemic, people have lost jobs, lost family and friends. I personally lost a brother who I wasn't that close to due to work and right around the time Covid hit, had planned on doing more with. One lesson learned, don't put anything off! I think and hope that all of us have learned just how important family and friends are and, hopefully learned, material things are not as important! Many martial arts school have folded but we have been blessed and are thankful for our wonderful families who are dedicated to their training! We are praying that Covid will come to an end soon and we can all get back to a more normal life (without masks!) and ....

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  • Black Belt Graduation

    We FINALLY had our Black Belt Graduation for the students who started the Black Belt Cycle in February of 2020! It was a long time coming and only 12 out of the 19 that originally started were ready to continue and do this testing! Out of the 12, only 7 passed! Unfortunately, the other ones didn't practice enough and just weren't ready this time! The good news is those students who didn't pass are not giving up and will go into the next cycle that starts this February. The graduation went very well! Guro Eddie had two students graduate to Black Belt with him so we did it together. It was a lot of fun and exciting for these new black belts! ....

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  • Thanksgiving

    It's probably been the strangest and hardest year of most of our lives! Some of us have lost jobs, loved ones (I know I lost my brother which was very hard and sudden), time with family and friends. We have to do the best we can with the time we have and try to remember everything that we can be thankful for! We have lost students but we are very thankful for the ones who are still training with us and the new students we have gained! Life is harder than it has ever been for most of us right now, remember be nice to each other and take care of ourselves and each other! We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!! ....

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