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Our New Mascot

Our New Mascot

So our students have been asking for some time now about a Mascot for our school.  We are going on our 11th year and on 1/27 we introduced our new Mascot ... Titian Wolf!

Titian was born on June 16th, 1945 in Alaska.  When he was three, Titian and his family moved to Korea where he began learning Martial Arts.  His father decided that it would be best for him to learn Tae Kwon Do where Titian flourished and made it his life.  He received his first degree when he was 10 and after that decided that he would continue his path to receive as many black belts as he could.  Titian came back to the US after receiving his 9th degree black belt and stumbled upon Frank Family Karate where he decided to make it his home and help encourage their students.

All the students and parents were very excited to meet Titian Wolf! 

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