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Most Recent Schedule for Classes

For anyone who is interested, this is what we are recently doing for our classes!  Along with extra cleaning and precautions!

Hi, everyone!  I'm sorry for the late email.  This has been a crazy weekend trying to figure out what we are doing for the upcoming weeks.  We are unable to have the day camps as we thought we could but will add more class times during the day to hopefully lighten the sizes of all the classes.  We will also do our best in keeping students away from each other while we work on our curriculum.  We will do nothing that involves contact and are rethinking sparring right now.

Starting Monday 3/16, we will have classes for all ranks at the times of:

10:30, 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 - these classes you must register for through MEGFRANKFAMILYKARATE@GMAIL.COM and we will only take 15 during each time slot.  Again, any rank belts can come to these classes if they are signed up for them.  Megann will respond to your email and let you know if your student can come to that class or if you need to sign up for another time.  Please do not do consecutive classes in one day to let other students have a time slot.

After the 11:30 class we will leave for our dogs and get lunch and after the 3:30 class we will leave again.

So there will be no 12:30 class or 4:30 class.

Our regular night classes starting at 5:30 will stay exactly the same as the normal night schedule we have now and you do not have to register for those classes.  Just come as you usually would.  

We are still trying to work on graduating and we will start final testing the week of 3/23.  To avoid the large crowds we are sorry to have to do this but there will be no big graduations on 4/4.  After final testing is over, we will promote everyone who has passed in the next class they come to.  For the students who are unable to get in during this time due to having grandparents living with them or other situations, we will see about possibility extending testing for them and see about being able to graduate them when they are able to get back in.  We understand that this is a hard time for everyone and are trying to do our best to make everyone feel safe and still feel like life is a little more normal.  

We also will not be closed for spring break 4/10-4/18 like we originally had planned - our trip was rescheduled like everyone else.  Any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks!

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