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Article Written By Charlene Roth

Boost Skills and More with a Frugal Practice Space


Did your child’s martial arts practice come to a screeching halt when shelter-in-place orders commenced? All too often, enthusiasts don’t have a good place to practice outside of a professional studio. While there is no substitute for sessions with your instructor, a safe place at home to practice ensures skills stay sharp. On top of that, it’s a great way to boost quality of life for the whole family. We’ve put together some great resources explaining the ins and outs and the hows and whys of setting up your very own in-home martial arts studio.


The Bigger Picture


An in-home martial arts studio has many benefits, even beyond the opportunity to hone skills.


      Martial arts help kids develop life skills like self-control, focus, and discipline.

      People of all ages can improve their health through martial arts.

      A studio is a chance for alone time, whether you decide to practice or your kids do.

      It could even be a flex space for your office, crafting, or yoga studio.

      Home improvements like this can even improve the potential resale of your property.


Set Up the Space


A dedicated space can make a huge difference in your child’s practice. Think about an area that would accommodate moving and stretching, and is outside the usual traffic pattern.


      Basements are a popular choice since they are separate and durable.

      Hard floors, especially concrete, can be dangerous. Rubber tile floors can be installed for $10 per square foot.

      For safety’s sake, proper lighting is also a must.

      Some families add an outdoor dojo as well.


Prepare For Use


Installing the right space is important, but you also need equipment for effective and inspiring practice.


      Decide what gear makes your must-have list.

      DIY what you can. For instance, you can DIY a striking dummy.

      What you can’t make, save money on with Target at Rakuten deals.

      Keep the space and equipment germ-free so everyone stays healthy.


A spot in your home for martial arts practice is loaded with perks. Kids can practice when they can’t get to the studio, and mom and dad receive benefits as well. Choose a safe place, set it up properly, and everyone can enjoy a better quality of life.


Charlene Roth


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