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Wall of Records

So in our school to become a black belt you are expected to be able to do push ups and sit ups.  In order to help our students to be as prepared as we can for black belt testings, we do a Wall of Records.  The students have one minute to do as many push ups as they can with their chins touching a fist or due to the pandemic, a cleaned hand target.  Then we do as many full sit ups in a minute.  We also do pull ups on the bar or hand targets for the students who can't do pull ups yet.  We do this every other month.  We have 3 age groups - 3-8, 9-14 and 15-adult.  The highest person in each age group gets a $5.00 gift card, 2nd and 3rd place each get a ninja coin.  We put the top 6 on a board on the wall to display.  

When we first reopened from the pandemic, we couldn't do the Wall of Records due to spacing restrictions.  We have modified and over the months figured out how we can do this.  The first time since we reopened was February.  Everyone had really low scores from a year ago.  We have now done our second Wall of Records for the month of April.  Already we are happy to say that most of our students have already improved their scores since the time we did it in April!  


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