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  • Black Belt Graduation Coming up

    I have to tell everyone how excited we are! We have a Black Belt Graduation coming up and the kids are doing amazing! With our graduations, they have to do an opening demonstration and then either make up their own forms or do skits. Skits are being planned and they are very good! Their opening demonstration is going very well also especially since it's been so hard to get everyone in together at the same time to practice! They are looking very good and we are very excited to see the Graduation! I'll let everyone know how it goes once the graduation is over! ....

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    Happy New Year Everyone!! This Holiday season was a lot of fun and I'm sad to see it go. We went to some places and did some activities that we had never done before and they were a lot of fun! We are starting the 2020 year with a belt rank graduation on the 4th. I'm very excited as so many of our students did so well in their final testing! We are definitely looking forward to everyone moving to their new belt ranks and continue getting even better in their martial arts training! ....

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  • Christmas time!

    I cannot believe that Christmas is only 3 and a half days away! December has flown by! This time of year is always our final testing for our students next belt ranks. Our next Graduation for belt ranks is January 4th. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year holiday, our students have a little less time to be ready for their next rank. This past week, we started our final testings and almost everyone did really great! We were quite pleased at how well everyone knew their curriculum. We are open this week Monday and Friday and will finish testing the few who didn't quite have everything but I have no doubt that they will know what they need to graduate. So very proud of them all! ....

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  • Black Belt Testing

    This past weekend we had an amazing Black Belt Testing! We had 24 students testing for either their first degrees or a higher degree. You must have a certain amount of points for each degree of Black Belt and out of 24 students testing, only 3 didn't pass. Our testing is not easy and we take it very seriously, as I'm sure other Martial Arts Schools do. We couldn't be prouder of these students and know how hard they worked to pass! Congratulations to all of them, even the ones who didn't pass! We know they worked hard also! ....

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  • Holiday Time of Year

    Thanksgiving is over! Everyone is gearing up for the rest of the upcoming holidays and the New Year! People are busy, shopping, spending time with family and friends (hopefully), going to parties, etc. People seem to think more of other people at this time of year. They donate their time, donate to different companies, and just try and help people more. It is a magical time of year and I personally love the holidays! Have fun everyone and try not to stress out too much. ....

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  • Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!! We got up early, made our turkey and got ready for everyone to come over to celebrate Thanksgiving! We had turkey and all the fixings! It was very good and it's always great when the whole family gets together! We hope everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving! ....

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  • Thanksgiving

    Less than one week to Thanksgiving! I'm very excited! I don't really cook and my husband and kids will tell you that I'm not very good at it. I can though cook a turkey! I'm actually very good at it. My husband's mother showed me years ago how to cook a turkey and how to make good stuffing. It's honestly the only thing I like to cook and that always comes out really good! This time of year is very special. Everyone seems to think of less fortunate more at this time of year. I wish we were all more like this all year around! ....

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  • Board Breaking

    So at our school now we alternate months for board breaking between Intermediates and Advanced. This gives our students more of a chance to board break. Board Breaking is an important part of martial arts. It represents for us so many things. Board breaking shows proper technique, power, accuracy, speed, and control. It is also a mind over matter part of the martial arts. We tell our students all the time that if they think they can't do something, they can't. Last night one of our black belt candidates who will be going through our black belt testing soon has had a very strong block in his mind on board breaking. Mind you, he has broken many times before but for some reason lately, his ....

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    It's just amazing to me how quickly the weeks go by. We are all so busy working on so many things that you wake up Monday morning and before you know it, it's Friday afternoon! Everyone is rushing to get to the next place and most of the time we don't enjoy the place we just left. We all need to be more present in the moment! Before we know it these children that we know and love, are grown up, driving, getting jobs, going to college and moving out! My own children have moved out! The students that have been with us since they were 4, 5 and 6 have left for college! Take time, enjoy the quiet, nature, the color of the trees, now that it's fall! Enjoy each moment and try to be more present in ....

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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I love Halloween, I always have! I love seeing all the kids excited in their costumes! My husband and I always loved taking our children out trick or treating! Most of the time, we wanted to stay out longer than they did! We were sad when they became too old to go out so we started going out with some of the students at the school that we became friends with. That was fun for those years! Now we have a granddaughter of our own who will be 3 in January! Now we get to go out with her! This year she is Cinderella! So much fun! Have a great Halloween everyone and be safe!! ....

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